About Mabali Island


Mabali Island for many is nothing less than a hidden paradise located in the Khanpur Dam. We pride ourselves on providing exclusive and the best water sports experience on the island. Our captains and crew are trained and our equipment is meticulously maintained.

Pakistan Tourism

The Management at Mabali strongly belief that the travel industry can become the world’s first global peace industry. Every tourist is potentially an “Ambassador for Peace”.


The real Tourism in Pakistan that has so much, with people of hospitality and exquisitely tempting food choices, Pakistan is one of the beautiful country in Asia, which has rich geographical diversities, historical heritage, lofty adventure and matchless natural beauty waiting to be discovered.


Pakistan is a land of absolute adventure, it offers a unique and diverge destination to observe the procession of mankind across all ages of history, food and nature’s true beauty.

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About Mabali

Mabali Island for many is nothing less than a hidden paradise located in the Khanpur Dam. It’s a great day at Mabali Island! Come visit our beautiful blue water, landscapes , Hiking near Mabali’s mountain ranges in KPK Khanpur, water sports across Khanpur Dam, exploring the lush mountains or enjoying food at Mabali – each and every place of Mabali has so many adventurous activities that you can’t even imagine. We are the best water park resort at Khanpur Dam. There’s something special for the whole family.


We provide a complete vacation experience. We know that this is a vacation of a lifetime and we want to make this the most memorable part of your trip!

Heritage & Culture

Most of the archaeological sites of Taxila (600 BC to 500 AD) are located around Taxila & Khanpur. For over one thousand years, Taxila remained famous as a centre of learning Gandhara art of sculpture, architecture, education and Buddhism in the days of Buddhist glory. There are over 50 archaeological sites scattered in a radius of 30 kms around Taxila & Khanpur. Some of the most important sites are; Dhamarajika Stupa and Monastery (300 BC – 200 AD), Bhir Mound (600-200 BC), Sirkap (200 BC – 600 AD), Jandial Temple (c.250 BC) and Jaulian Monastery (200 – 600 AD).


Mabali Island can also arrange sightseeing tours and excursions for historical places around Taxila and Khanpur Dam.

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Our Vision

To make people happy and healthy


Our Mission

Provide safe, secure and natural environments for healthly sports activities for complete family around the clock with an aim to project soft image of Pakistan.

Meet The Team

Mrs Nighat Haider

Mrs. Nighat Haider

Brig Ghulam Haider

Brig (Rtd) Ghulam Haider

Director R&D
Safdar Hussain

Safdar Hussain

Managing Director

M. Qasim Umar

Director Marketing & Finance
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